Starting and Stopping on UNIX systems:IBM HTTP Server
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Starting and Stopping with the Apachectl Utility (Not valid on Windows NT)

Applies to UNIX operating system

The Apachectl utility starts and stops the IBM HTTP Server on UNIX systems.
Applies to AIX
Applies to HP Applies to Linux Applies to Solaris
base_directory/bin directory  
  • On AIX: base directory is /usr/HTTPServer
  • On HP: base directory is /opt/HTTPServer
  • On Linux: base directory is /opt/IBMHTTPServer
  • On Solaris: base directory is/opt/IBMHTTPD
  • Start: Starts server
  • Stop: Stops server
  • Restart: Restarts server by sending SIGHUP, or starts if not running
  • Fullstatus: Dumps a full status screen; requires lynx and mod_status
  • Status: Dumps a short status screen; requires lynx and mod_status
  • Graceful: Restarts server by sending SIGUSR1, or starts if not running without shutting down completely
  • Configtest: Performs a configuration syntax test (does not check semantics; see error log when starting server)
  • Help: Help on apachectl.
./apachectl graceful
Valid only on UNIX
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