Machine Translation Configuration Directives: IBM HTTP Server V 1.3.17
System Administration IBM HTTP Server documentation

Machine Translation Directives


  • Default - Off
  • Description - Turns Machine Translation on or off
  • Syntax - On or Off


  • Default - Local host
  • Description - Specifies on which machine the MT Server is running. This is the machine containing the actual translation engines and can be a separate machine from the one on which the IBM HTTP Server is running. The translation workload can be off-loaded to other machines. A file system such as NFS is assumed, or DFS only, if IBM HTTP Server is running on another machine.
  • Scope - One per server
  • Syntax - IBMMachineTranslationMachine hostname.domain


  • Default - Port 5001
  • Description - Specifies the port of the machine where the MT Server is running.
  • Scope - Global
  • Syntax - IBMMachineTranslationMachinePort port_number


  • Default - None
  • Description - Provides the Translation Engines with information on the text content, for increased translation accuracy.

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