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What is Machine Translation (MT)?

A means of displaying original English Web pages in the user's default language on a Web browser. This capability is possible only when the translation engine is available. This translation engine is installed with IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache.

How does Machine Translation work?

The MT module is designed to have any user visiting a Web page to have that page displayed in the default language on their Web browser. If no translation engine exists for the requested language then the original HTML file is sent back to the user. Plain text files are supported by Machine Translation.  
Applies to UNIX

UNIX Operators

The user ID that the Machine Translation server runs as must have write permissions to the directory tree of the files which are to be translated (i.e. /opt/IBMHTTPServer /htdocs). The write permissions given can either be for the user that IBM HTTP Server runs as, or for a group to which that IBM HTTP Server belongs. If sufficient permissions are not granted, the translated file is not written to disk.

Common Errors

  • [error] (2) No such file or directory: MTserver DNS hostname lookup unknown for
    This error occurs when the user enters a non-valid DNS hostname.

  • [error] (111) Connection refused: MTserver connect failed, MTserver running?: Connection refused
    This error occurs when the user either put the wrong hostname/port combination or more likely forgot to start MTserver.

Acceptable Subjects


<Directory /path/to/as400/info>
IBMMachineTranslationOptions "*subject=as400"


  • "as400"

  • "comm" /communications

  • "hw" /hardware

  • "medical"

  • "aeron"

  • "cooking"

  • "ibm"

  • "military"

  • "aix"

  • "computers"

  • "ins" /insurance

  • "music"

  • "anat" /anatomy

  • "econ"

  • "law"

  • "printing"

  • "auto"

  • "educ"

  • "ling"

  • "sci" /science

  • "business"

  • "entertainment"

  • "manuals"

  • "sports"

  • "chem"

  • "finance"

  • "mar"

  • "technical"

  • "chess"

  • "sw" /software

  • "math"

  • "typogr" /typography


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