Build dynamic modules on Windows NT: IBM HTTP Server
Programming IBM HTTP Server documentation
Applies to Windows NT

Build Dynamic Modules on Windows NT

To write a module that works with the server for Windows NT, install the source code during server installation. Select Custom install and ensure that "Apache Source" is checked.

Source Files Included in the Install

When you install the source, an src directory is created in the server root directory. This directory contains the following directories:
  • include - Contains the majority of the header files used to create the IBM binary distribution of the Web server.
  • os\win32 - Contains platform-specific includes for the Windows NT platform distribution of the Web server.
  • CoreR - Contains the ApacheCore.lib. Linking to this library allows your module to run with the binary distribution of the IBM HTTP Server.
  • modules\example - Contains an example module and project file which demonstrates how to build a module. The project file (.dsp) was created with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (c).

An apachesrc directory is also contained in the server root. This directory contains a .zip file of the original Apache source code upon which the IBM HTTP Server is based. Be aware that you cannot build the binaries distributed from IBM with this source code. Due to legal restrictions on some of the technology included in the IBM binaries, source code cannot be supplied.

Building a Module

To successfully build a module to run with IBM HTTP Server:

  1. Add the src\include directory to your list of include paths.
  2. Link with the ApacheCore.lib file, found in the src\Corer directory.

Note the following restrictions, when building a module to run with IBM HTTP Server:

  1. You must link against the ApacheCore.lib binary that is installed by the server installation program in the src\Corer directory.
  2. You must use the header files supplied by the server installation program in the src\include and Os\win32 directories.
  3. You cannot modify or add fields to the header files in the src\include or Os\win32 directories.
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