Getting Started: IBM HTTP Server
Getting Started IBM HTTP Server documentation

Getting Started with IBM HTTP Server

/usr/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl start

/opt/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl start

/opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/apachectl start

/opt/IBMHTTPD/bin/apachectl start

  1. Click on Start > Programs > IBM HTTP Server > Start Server
  2. A message box indicating the Server has started should briefly appear.
  3. Open a browser and type in your server name in the URL box
If IBM HTTP Server does not start:
  1. Go to Services in the Control Panel.
  2. Double-click IBM HTTP Server.
  3. Click on .
  4. Select your user ID from the list and click Add.

Accessing the IBM Administration Server

Access to the IBM Administration Server with a Netscape browser requires Netscape 4.06 and above.

Note: Currently Netscape 6.0 and 6.01 do not provide support of the IBM Administration Server. Check the IBM HTTP Server Web site for the latest information regarding browser requirements.

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