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Applies to AIX

Building Mod_Perl On AIX

The following are instructions for building mod_perl as a Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) on AIX and installing and running mod_perl as a DSO under Apache/IBM HTTP Server on AIX.

These instructions are based on work with IBM HTTP Server, mod_perl 1.22 and AIX 4.3.2.

IBM HTTP Server Setup

  1. Complete the normal install steps for the IBM HTTP Server.
  2. Edit the HTTPServer/bin/apxs file to correct the first line, if necessary. Add the path to your perl interpreter after the #! (ie. #!/usr/bin/perl). You can try running "which perl" if you do not know the location of yours.
  3. Run your desired set of tests to ensure the IBM HTTP Server runs correctly without mod_perl.

Mod_perl build and setup

  1. cd /path/to/modperl
  2. Run "perl Makefile.PL USE_APXS=1 WITH_APXS=/usr/HTTPServer/bin/apxs EVERYTHING=1"
  3. Run "make"
  4. Run "make install"

Final configuration of Apache and IBM HTTP Server

  1. Ensure that /path/to/apache/conf/httpd.conf contains the "LoadModule perl_module libexec/" and "AddModule mod_perl.c" (if required) statements and any other directives that you want. For instance:
     <Location /perl>
          SetHandler perl-script
          PerlHandler Apache::Registry
          Options ExecCGI
          allow from all
          PerlSendHeader On
       <Location /perl-status>
           SetHandler per-script
           PerlHandler Apache::Status
           order deny,allow
           deny from all
           allow from X.X.X.X   #replace X.X.X.X with a useful IP address.
  2. Start HTTPD and run your desired tests to verify that modperl is loaded and running. Remember to specify the port if you installed as non-root.
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