Getting Started with Machine Translation: IBM HTTP Server
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Getting Started with Machine Translation Configuration

To enable IBM HTTP Server to translate Web pages spontaneously, you need to:  

Start the MT Server

Before configuring the MT function in IBM HTTP Server, start the MT server:

Platform Command
Applies to AIX /usr/lpp/mt/MTserver /usr/lpp/MT 5001 1
Applies to Linux Applies to Solaris /opt/IBMmt/MTserver /opt/IBMmt/ 5001 1
Applies to Windows Go to C:\Program Files\IBM HTTP Server\MT

Configure the MT function in IBM HTTP Server

After starting the MT server, you should configure the MT function in IBM HTTP Server:
  1. Configure IBM HTTP Server to run MT function using IBMMachineTranslation[ON/OFF].
  2. Set phonic rules that apply to the scope using IBMMachineTranslationOptions.

    For example:
    <Directory /path/to/as400/info>
    IBMMachineTranslationOptions "*subject=as400"

  3. Set the host name that the MT server runs on using IBMMachineTranslationMachine

    Default value:

  4. Set port that the MT server runs on using IBMMachineTranslationMachinePort 5001

    Default port: 5001

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