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ERP Solutions: Boosting up Business Bottom Line.
How easily can you answer these questions...?
Do you have real-time access to information across your enterprise? Are your systems being able to connect with those of your business partners? Are you able to manage and control your stock and inventory across all geographical areas well? Are you capitalizing on vital customer data? If you cannot answer these questions with ease, think of installing an ERP application in your organization.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a suite of customizable business software applications that connect, consolidate and streamline various business-critical functions. Over the years, ERP has brought upon significant consolidation in business areas such as:
Supply Chain Management
Human Resources
ERP solutions provide an edge to your business by allowing you to take business decisions both quickly & efficiently putting far less effort in the process. As a natural corollary, the efficiency of the enterprise improves with a competitive advantage, thereby helping the management become more agile and responsive to business environment. By implementing an integrated ERP solution your business can achieve:
Efficient financial management, smoother Cash Flow and Regulatory Compliance Management
Better Cost and Production Management
Greater control over stock and inventory
Improved customer service
Tighter partner engagement
Fully integrated information system
A scalable infrastructure
Increased ROI
Metalogic Offers
Metalogic helps you transform the way you capture, process, store and look at your business data. With the help of best-of-breed integrated business applications Metalogic can help you implement the right ERP solutions to address the specific needs of your business.
Modern ERP products provide cost effective solutions for integrated business systems for small and medium businesses – the same solutions that have been implemented in large enterprises worldwide.
Metalogic Systems provides you business solutions through consulting, implementation & customization and maintenance services related to business applications. Metalogic is ERP partner to both Microsoft (offering solutions with Microsoft Dynamic Nav) and Oracle (Oracle Applications). Metalogic has addressed the needs of the different types of industries world wide, for example -
Appex - Package of solutions for Apparel industry as an extension on Oracle EBS
Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing
Engineering & Construction
Financial Services
Travel and Transportation
Consumer products
Food and beverages
Metalogic’s state-of-the-art business application services:
Makes critical information available during decision making
Integrates all departments and functions of the company
Allows you to focus on your core business activities
Provides access to industry best practices
Improves visibility of functions to the top management
With its team of product specialists, technical and functional experts and project managers, Metalogic Systems is able to provide all services required for successful ERP implementation; from Requirements, Gap Assessment, Solution Design and Customization & Implementation to right up to Data Migration; as well as ongoing maintenance support.
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