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Metalogic Systems provides a comprehensive solution for automated transformation of legacy applications to open systems on a modern development environment.
With Metalogic Systems’ Software Transformation services, companies can now focus on reusability of corporate software assets.
The company helps its customers and partners to:
Recover, modernise and reuse business rules and data models embedded in their existing applications
Enjoy quick and accurate deliverables
Reduce time, cost and risk
Metalogic Systems uses high degree of automation to re-architect and re-deploy them on a contemporary technology platform, with state-of-the-art user interface.
Application migration services from Metalogic Systems provide the right solution for transforming legacy applications through an automated process that is based on a strong and comprehensive methodology.
The automated, tool-based software transformation solution from Metalogic provides a host of benefits:
Quicker turnaround: The automated conversion process ensures that the turnaround time is kept minimal as compared to the time taken in manual re-engineering or conventional re-development of software.
Automated tools make the process highly predictable and manageable.
Lower risk of migration: The methodology adopted, retains the business logic embedded in the existing application, thereby dramatically reducing potential risks to the business.
Consistent quality: As the process is automated, it ensures elimination of the human errors typical of any manual software re-engineering process, thereby minimizing the defects in the deliverables.
Saves money: Software transformation results in substantial reduction in effort and time, thereby ensuring significant cost savings and consequently, helps to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.
Create “future perfect” business applications: The transformation process helps move business applications to a scalable, responsive, integrated and open environment.
Advantage Metalogic
Substantial reduction in time and cost
Server and resources consolidation
Platform standardization – applications are better aligned, architecturally
Ease of access to data and functions
Minimum disruption & risk to the business
- Minimal training requirements
- Retention of core business logic
Metalogic targets some common platforms for Software Transformation
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